My name is Darrelyn and I'm delighted you're here.

Like you, I'm desirous of living a life charged with purpose, pursuit, and meaningful progression. Like you, I believe that "strategic" advancement is a necessary and vital part of the journey.

I'm interested in your story, your journey, and your mountain.

I respect the goals you want to achieve, the dreams you want to fulfill, and the mountains you want to climb. My role is to partner up with you, empower you, and help you successfully arrive at the top!


Level 1 identifies the name of your“mountain” in a concrete and palpable way. Here we begin lacing up the boots and enlisting the early resources needed for movement, achievement, and success on the climb. We'll look at what needs to go into your backpack and what needs to get left behind. Here is where we begin.


+Self-Discovery +Exploration & Adventure +Goal Setting +Dream Exploration


You’ve identified your mountain and you’re progressing up BUT you find yourself aching, exhausted, and discouraged. You need a fresh supply of encouragement, support, and validation to see this climb through. Three cheers to you + I’m proud of you! Together, we’ll continue our ascent by highlighting the success you’ve already achieved and addressing the steps that will see you to the top. While obstacles are a part of any journey, Level 2 is all about addressing + limiting them to ensure progressive movement is happening.


Level 3 is all about the view from the top! You’ve worked hard + endured muscle cramps, navigational challenges, and countless unknowns. You’ve achieved the pinnacle view + have an extraordinary outlook. You respect your journey, vision, and dreams and you’re fueled with desire for more. The sky is the limit for you! High achievers + big believers impact lives with their vision. Level 3 engages the mind to explore the unlimited potential of self + others.


+Wow! This gal is amazing, insightful, and a force to be reckoned with. She'll keep you on your toes and make you believe anything is possible. I just reached an amazing milestone in my life and I'm ready to conquer a new mountain. -Malory D.

+Feeling stuck at the half-way mark is frustrating and discouraging. I've been there too many times to count. I decided to invest in my journey and it's made all the difference. Couldn't have done it without this woman. Thanks! -Cara M.

+Darrelyn is an inspiration and challenge to me. Knowing she'd climbed a few mountains of her own really enabled and strengthened me on a hard leg of my journey. More to come with this woman. -Jan B.

+ Darrelyn is the epitome of drive and ambition! She has a wealth of knowledge to share, but what impresses me most is the way she lives out her own day to day life with consistency and discipline. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about making changes, needs to be inspired, or wants to get out of the cycle of excuse making and giving up on their goals. -Hannah L.

Let me know you're interested by filling out this quick form, giving me call at 605.450.8587, or emailing me at darrelyntutt@gmail.com.

Writing is an empowering participant in my journey; feel free to check it out: www.el-inkwell.com